Why choose us – Your are of course asking your yourself why you should trust YeboCloud to provide business-critical services to you.

The main reasons behind using locally based data centre facilities is to ensure customer data is kept in country, bandwidth cost is kept to a minimum, applications are not impacted by network latency and an African based service for Africans!

Some other important facts to consider are:

More than ten years of proven experience

We are in the Hosting and Cloud Services space since April 2002. Well, it wasn’t called “Cloud” then, but the principals of providing certain services were the same. For instance, we were the first that offered Hosted Microsoft Exchange in Africa!

Hundreds of customers, thousands of happy users

We can provide you with top references from most industries. Many of our customers are with us for a long time, some since our very beginning!

High-quality support

You are of course concerned about support! Don’t worry we are not leaving you in the Coogle space, we are with you all the time, making sure your business is enabled by the IT support it deserves.
We have an excellent reputation in the support and consulting space, our team is highly certified and we are 24/7 on standby to assist our customers. Our motto is “Under-promise and over-deliver”! Together with our affiliates we provide local and even, if required, onsite support to you from within the same timezone.

Where’s my data?

There are many cloud service providers out there, some are even very big. But do you know where they store or keep your data? Does your legislation allow you to store data outside your country? We prefer rather the geographical cloud approach, thereby keeping your mind at peace when asking such questions.

Privacy and Confidentiality

While most other cloud providers have relatively “relaxed” (nicely said) policies in place, we do guarantee that we do not use your data in whatsoever way for our own gains. We keep you data private and confidential and do not even use them for marketing purposes. Your data are Yours!


YeboCloud’s hosting and cloud solutions are in most cases more cost-effective than any in-house solution. While our offerings are of enterprise class, they reach you at a low price which is even for small to medium sized firms affordable.

Reliable performance

With our fair and reasonable Service Level Agreement (SLA) we guarantee 99.9% up-time!

Why Choose Us – More Information

Need more motivations? Please contact YeboCloud or an affiliate and we will gladly be of assistance.

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