Namibia’s first locally hosted cloud based web filtering service launches

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Namibia’s first locally hosted cloud based web filtering service for business and consumer has been launched by YeboCloud, Namibia’s foremost Cloud Services Provider. The service, powered by CensorNet’s service provider solutions, was launched with a series of keynote seminars, radio and billboard advertising.

Web Content Filter Launch 2012.02.15Tim Lloyd, Managing Director of CensorNet Ltd, says “YeboCloud identified an opportunity within the market place and we are delighted to have been able to expedite the delivery of the service using our web filtering platform for service providers. Namibia is a fast growing market and we are excited to be a part of it with a company that has a proven track record in the cloud services space“.

YebCloud, Namibia’s foremost Cloud Services Provider, today launches its Web Content Filtering Solution. It enables organisations to manage and control internet usage, optimising Internet bandwidth utilisation and increasing employee productivity.

Web Content Filter Launch 2012.02.15With the ever continuing expansion of the Internet as an important carrier of business transactions and the explosion of social media; Internet access has become both vital and potentially hazardous for organisations and their employees. The line between work-related surfing and personal usage of the Internet has blurred considerably over the years. This has created a huge demand on the bandwidth requirements of organisations leading to frustration as Internet access slows down due to the sheer volume of data traffic. In addition to the slowdown of Internet access for those who need to use it at critical times for business purposes, employee productivity inevitably decreases. Often websites exposes organisations to web borne malware (threats), compromising security of business networks and data.

There are a number of solutions for managing Internet access but these solutions tend to be expensive and complex to implement and manage. Salt’s easy to use Web Content Filtering solution empowers organisations to manage and control the way the Internet is being used. It provides organisations with the flexibility to pick and choose who within the company can access which sites and even at what times. The web filtering solution will also increase productivity of employees as web sites that need to be accessed for work, are actually accessible faster and are not being obstructed due to inappropriate personal internet usage. An added benefit is that organisations do not have to continuously upgrade their Internet bandwidth but can rather make better use of what they already have, leading to cost savings. This is a cloud-based service, meaning organisations do not require any additional hardware or software for deployment. The Web Content Filter also works via any type of Internet connection, whether it is 3G, Wi-Fi or ADSL.

Business owners simply can’t afford to ignore the benefits of controlled internet usage. With Salt’s Web Content Filter solution, organisations have the means of managing Internet usage and consequently increase employee productivity” states Chris Baisako, Business Development Consultant.

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