Cloud Services have matured

What was once an IT paradigm shift has triggered a business paradigm shift. The flexibility, immediacy, scalability and affordability of cloud services, systems and technologies have become not just an IT advantage, but a real competitive advantage for businesses. This Cloud Portal provides you with information and access to cloud solutions that are built to be business-friendly.

Our portfolio delivers the power you need, when you need it, without breaking your budget. Our solutions easily scale as your business grows with online and rapid provisioning, and we guarantee your applications and data are highly available. Leverage the expertise of our experienced staff by customising your solution today.

While the cloud cannot provide everything – at least not yet – there are many services that we can provide today very well for all types of business needs. Our messaging, security, storage, backup and other cloud solutions are more than just rehashes of outdated virtualisation techniques and models. These are the cloud solutions that businesses and their IT personnel have been waiting for.

Messaging & Collaboration

YeboCloud offers hosted Microsoft Exchange, the world’s most popular business messaging platform. with features such as permanently synchronised e-Mails, files, calendars, tasks and contacts and mobile access on devices.
Our E-Mail archiving solution offers a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in e-Mail messages so it can be accessed quickly at a later date.

Storage & Backup

Use YeboCloud’s Online Backup Service (OBS) to safely store all your data in our cloud, and you will not only be able to rest assured that a copy is safe somewhere far away, but that your data is always available.
Our Electronic Document Management System (eDMS) is the place where all your company documents can be stored safely and where all your employees and yourself, can easily find them.

Identity & Security

YeboCloud’s Web Content Filter (WCF) does exactly that! It allows an organisation to control the stuff users get onto while they are supposed to be working, such as Facebook, YouTube or other undesirable Internet sites.
YeboCloud’s Anti-Spam solution can quickly and easily bolt on to your existing email solution, providing you with immediate benefit for very little effort.

IT Systems

If you have much of your own equipment in your own Data Centre, then monitoring of all your systems is an issue. We have a solution for this and it comes from the cloud – YeboCloud’s Systems Monitor.
We alos offer an enterprise-level integrated IT infrastructure management suite based on ITIL principles. Our service is delivered as an online web (cloud) service. It offers a perfect blend of IT Service Support, Asset Management, and Change Management, all consolidated into a single solution focused on streamlining IT service processes and effectively managing the complete IT platform life cycle.
Remote Assistance is a cloud service with which an IT technician can access your PC, laptop, or mobile device from his/her machine and solve problems without having to physically drive to you to deal with it. It speeds up the resolution of problems tremendously and reduces service costs.

Transition to our Cloud Services

We make the transition to us seamless and quick. Our professional services team, combined with our platforms, allows you to integrate cloud into an existing environment for production, burst capacity, test / development, and redundancy. The team assists you with moving your entire infrastructure, a part thereof or building new projects in a cloud environment.

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